Brent Mangano

Sales Representative

After graduating with a degree from Guelph University Brent Mangano pursued a career in the restaurant industry, owning and managing a restaurant for 7 years. Having acheieved his goals in that field, Brent now looks to bring his unique set of skills to Bernice Whelan Realty. Through his years of experience with the restaurant Brent was able to effectively brand his business and develop a reliable and trustworthy reputation. He believes that success can only be achieved through relentless work ethic and integrity. Further, Brent knows what it means to have a vested interest in a business principled on profit and success. He takes this approach when representing his clients to ensure that their interests are protected, promoted and positioned to prosper. With boundless energy and persistence, Brent Mangano takes pride in getting the job done. Let him and Bernice Whelan Realty go to work for you

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