Jane White

Sales Representative

Growing up in a real estate family, Jane successfully blends technical knowledge with a remarkable intuitive sense for client needs and fulfillment.  Throughout her career, both personally and professionally, Jane has demonstrated a keen eye for value in real estate, calmly yet decisively looking past the fog of aesthetics to realize the fundamental value of a particular property.  With a deep commitment to personal development and effective communication, Jane ensures her clients are at ease, feel empowered and ultimately achieve their goals.

Jane attended Carlton University and University of Toronto, studying psychology and related aspects of sociology.  Her interest and expertise in these fields are effectively brought to bear in what has unfortunately become a cold, transaction-driven business and she is committed to changing that for the betterment of her clientele.  The culture at Bernice Whelan Realty both upholds and thrives upon these values.  As a mother of three children, Jane is a consummate multi-tasker and truly derives happiness by seeing to others being happy themselves.

With all of this, Jane’s role at BWR is that of a communications representative and trusted advisor for new clients.  She is the welcoming smile that ensures clients trust our intent and she is the friend who willstay in touch well after you’re settled in your new home.

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